Think your business needs a TVC for marketing? Think again

Television has been around for over half a century, and it’s brought numerous businesses plenitude of success. From biggest sporting events to award shows,severalof the world’s most-watched programs are broadcast on TV making it awanted, proven, and trusted medium by both observers and advertisers likewise. That is the thing of the past, nowadays, the younger generation entertains TV only for streaming various shows, movies, and programs of their liking through various online platforms. For sure Televisions have been around for a long and are a trusted medium for advertising to a large audience but what is the point if it’s not reaching the audience. So, if you are looking to produce a new television commercial or TVC, you need to analyze the situation again. With the advent of other more economical advertising mediums such as – Podcast advertising, digital marketing, and old-school radio advertising the marketing landscape has changed a lot.

Take an ad video, with an advertising voice-over guiding the audience throughout. This will be played to everyone irrespective of their interest when it’s on television. Put the same ad through relevant digital marketing channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc., it will only be played to the interested parties and you will be charged then only. So, no more paying for the unfruitful airing of the ad.

In the changing times, you must adapt to the new ways of effective marketing to target your audience and try to reach out to them where they spend their time the most. Let’s look at some of the modern channels of advertising where the audience of this digital age lives and breathes and how it is better than old-school TVCs –

Digital Marketing –This new means of advertising is now settling itself and growing its roots, offering your business a chance to directly interact with your audience. While TV adverts are mostly employed by large businesses, digital marketing provides opportunities for all sorts of businesses. It is more targeted and effective due to its ability to utilize various tools and analytics to filter out audiences depending upon their online behavior. Even if you put cost-effectiveness aside it provides your business better exposure and allows your audience to interact with your brand with its feedback mechanism. So, it is a two-way communication system, unlike TVCs which is one-way communication, an audience can’t know more or get their queries answered. In this new era feedback & your response time to a query is very crucial to get new customers or to have a repeat customer. So, with all the tools and tactics that digital marketing comes with it sure has ways to reach your potential customers and give your business a better brand recall.

Podcast Advertising –Podcasts have grown at a lightning speed in the past few years. With more and more people listening to alternate and unaltered channels of news and discussions these sure have become the talk of the town nowadays. From people driving to work, daily commuters, to people doing household chores, if they fall under the age group of 12 – 50 years they are most likely to be listening to a podcast. Advertising on podcasts gives your business a more personalized grace where you have the complete attention of your target audience. A quick professional voice-over about your brand lasting not more than 30 seconds hitting the audience when they are most attentive is the next big thing in the marketing world. It’s cheap, it’s directed, and it’s fruitful. Unlike television commercials that are interruptive to audiences viewing experience.

Good old Radio Advertising – The old radio advertising has also evolved with time. Nowadays, expert radio voice-over artists and music artists are hired to create impactful radio ads. Also, unlike TVCs you can measure the success of the radio ad using tools such as – cost per lead, cost per order, revenue per order, and the ROI. Adding to that you can even adjust your ad air time to target your audience more specifically. Like, if you are selling some household items you might want to target the housewives or husbands, so the best time would be in the afternoon when they are done with all the work and relaxing or doing something they like to do in their free time. It’s much more efficient, cost-effective, and targeted than your usual TVCs where you need to spend quite a load of money first to make a commercial then to buy time to broadcast it.

Well, if you are a large corporate or a business with a handsome investment, you can go with both the traditional TVCs and the Digital channels. But whatever channel you prefer it’s advisable to employ a professional voice-over agency to get the most effective, refreshing, and captivating voices for your, audio and video ad.

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