How to Record Audio Best Tips

From in-depth walkthroughs to quick tutorials, we’re willing to bet that you’ve watched a video featuring a voice-over at some point in your life. Though subtitles remain as crucial as ever, there’s something to be said about the convenience of having a voice recorder to help you explain a concept to your audience, demonstrate a … Read more

Voiceover Demos: Send Them Out!

So, you've completed a voiceover training program and you have your demos ready to go. Now what? You have to SEND THEM OUT! I know you're probably thinking, "No kidding Terry!" But, the truth is that many new talents sit on their demos. It's time to get those demos in front of prospective buyers. Don't … Read more

Preparing for a Voiceover Demo Session

So, you’ve had plenty of coaching, you have your scripts, and your demo session is lurking on the calendar. It’s easy to feel a little nervous about your big day. It’s okay. Professional theater actors still get the butterflies before they go on stage. Anxiety is normal but you can do plenty to prepare for … Read more

Do you have fear with microphone

Do you have fear with microphone You are here: Home Posts Do you have fear with microphone This article is about this thing the microphone and the fear it instills in newcomers to the industry. The microphone whichever type you use is a tool. It’s a way to convert your vocal energy and performance in … Read more

Advertainment Voiceover

We will discuss the third and last article of the most effective marketing strategies series this week. This is advertainment voiceover. The word advertainment is a combination of two: Advertising and Entertainment. It is a method of posting videos and marketing to your customers in a fun and engaging way. The most common way we … Read more