Tips for a More Authentic VO Performance

Developing strong technique – the ability to connect to and vividly interpret scripts, then perform authentically and in the moment – is what it’s all about. Whether for stage, screen or mic, dialogue or copy, you must have an objective and propel a narrative. When it comes to voice-over, because scripts are mostly copy delivering … Read more

The 5 W's Of Voice-Over Marketing

The 5 W’s (Plus a bonus H!) When it comes to marketing yourself as voice-over actor, there are five very important questions that you need to answer before anyone even asks. Who are you? What do you do? When are you available? Where are you located? Why should I choose you? I call these the … Read more

Warm Up to the Cold Read

At the conclusion of a recent recording session I received one the best compliments you can get from the producer. He said, “I KNOW this stuff and wrote the script and I wasn’t able to communicate it like that to my colleagues!” It was high praise indeed – and what we should always shoot for … Read more

Identifying Your Goals for Voice-Over Success

What experiences do you want to have as a voice actor?  What is your “reach for the stars” goal?  Go ahead. Dream big. There are no limits.  Do you dream of being the announcer for the Academy Awards?  Do you dream of winning an Audie Award for your narration of an audiobook?  Do you dream … Read more

Flipping the Script on VO Bias

As humans, we’re wired to make assumptions about others– what they wear, how they talk, even who they are connected to, all plays a role in who we think they are. Part of the picture we paint about another person may include what they do for a living. For instance, a doctor, a construction worker, … Read more