Arabic voice overs for Video Games

Arabic voice overs for Video Games You are here: Home Posts Arabic voice overs for Video Games Arabic Voice Over’s for Video Games Gaming voice over’s are becoming increasingly frequent among new releases, which indicates games should get good quality voice acting simply to remain competitive in the marketplace.  Now a days, Game studios that … Read more

Promotional Video Voice Over

Content is King. Bill Gates said it in 1996, and truer words were never spoken. In the same article, he adds, “But to be successful online, a magazine can’t just take what it has in print and move it to the electronic realm.” Hence the proliferation of the promotional or promo video. The digital magazine … Read more

Improve Online Meeting Audio/Video

So, we’ve been through many online meetings through Zoom, Skype, etc., and we’ve seen many folks on TV speaking from their homes. And I’m sure you’ve seen the varying quality with shaky video and garbled audio – this can be a BIG distraction right? Minimize Distractions Now, I am not knocking everyone with general remote … Read more

Voiceovers and Dubbing Services: What’s the Difference?

Video translation can be a tricky business. Depending on the style of your video, subtitling services, voiceovers and dubbing services can be a great way of opening up your films to international audiences. Whilst subtitling is typically the cheaper option, translating audio directly can be a great way of making your videos more immediately accessible … Read more

Professional Voiceovers for Videos

The industry of voiceovers is gradually expanding with the increase in the use of technology in various fields. Voiceovers are used for phone calls and for professional videos. It is basically a narration in a film or a broadcast where the picture of the narrator or speaker is not displayed.   Video Voiceovers is a … Read more

Video voiceovers as a powerful marketing tool

Marketing is regarded to be a rapidly evolving sector which is exceptionally sensitive to the industry trends. One of the latest trends that have affected this ever developing industry is video marketing. Presently, more and more marketers are interested in using video marketing considering its effectiveness. As per the studies, video marketing has emerged to … Read more