Voice Over Story Telling Skills You Must Have

Every Voice Over script has a story to tell. And if you want regular work as a voice actor, you must keep developing your story telling skills. If you’re a regular reader of my blogs, you’ll know there are many different scripts, written in different styles. But the one thing all voice over scripts have … Read more

Keeping it Real – Tips for getting the most out of testimonial voice overs in advertising

Using testimonials in advertising has long been a tried and true device for creating a relatable and personal message. Hearing a story from the perspective of someone who’s ‘been there’ can be very effective, whether it’s relaying a positive customer service experience, touting how wonderful a product is, or telling a personal story about a … Read more

How to Tell a Story with Your Voice: Some Tips

With the growing popularity and proliferation of audiobooks, audiobook narration is one of the most widely available jobs for voice actors. To be a successful audiobook narrator, however, you need to have the ability to use your voice to tell a story. Being a good reader is, unfortunately, not enough. You can have perfect articulation … Read more

Top Tips for Effective E-Learning Videos

From PowerPoint presentations to spreadsheets and online quizzes, e-learning can use a variety of different content types. Yet one of the most popular and engaging continues to be the e-learning video. As a voice over artist with more than 22 years in the industry, e-learning video narration has come to make up a good portion … Read more

A Story Told Well Stays With Listeners.Voice It From Your Singular Perspective

So…what’s your story? Or rather, what is your relationship with story? Chances are it’s tight. We humans love story. We swim in it, soak in it, eat it up daily. Hourly, even. But have you stopped to consider your relationship with story as a voice-over artist? Levar Burton (Reading Rainbow guy, Geordie from Star Trek:Next Generation, … Read more

Top 10 skills required to be a Good Storytelling Narrator

Narrating a story is a demanding job. As a specific type of voice over, narration includes describing the story based on what’s happening on-screen. Narration is most commonly used for entertainment, whereas non-narration voice-overs are mostly used in education or instructional/informative videos. Whether it is a tragedy or a romantic story, every story is different … Read more

What makes a good Story Telling Narrator?

When a writer or an author writes a story or a story, it takes a lot of dedication, personal experiences, thoughts, emotions, and more in addition to the skill of creating compelling characters and lettering down a thrilling story. These are just a few things to name; it takes much more than that in weaving … Read more