Dispelling Voiceover Myths

In this era of social media and the Internet, it’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole of misinformation. So, let’s dispel some of the most popular myths regarding the voiceover business. It’s too competitive First off, every creative business will be competitive to a degree—Voice acting, photography, musician, on-camera actor, screenwriter, etc. But if … Read more

Essential VoiceOver Lessons 1

Simple ideas for better VoiceOver Acting ‘Breath’ Understanding how to give words ‘on’ the page, meaning ‘off’ the page is a key voiceover skill. We’re required at every turn to take someone else’s words and language and convert them into something that resonates with the intended audience. It can be something that connects that audience … Read more

A Guide to VoiceOver Essentials!

5 Things You Must Know There’s no doubt about it working in voiceover is amazing! In my long career, I’ve covered every aspect of what gets made.   And apart from some very rare instances, have loved it all. I love the spontaneity of working in voiceover, the creative collaboration with sound engineers and producers, and … Read more

How to Succeed in the Voiceover Industry

It is no secret that the voiceover business can be intensely competitive, especially when just starting out and making a name for yourself. It takes practice and a serious investment of personal time to learn the skills needed to become established as a go to voiceover actor. So, what are some tips to succeed where … Read more