Video Game Voice Over

Video Game Voice Over You are here: Home Posts Video Game Voice Over The beginning of Games Voice Overs Early video games from the 80s and 90s were created for a limited customer base with limited funds and limited resources. These small-scale teams had to prioritize essential functions like “Programming, Art Design, Research, Development, and … Read more

A Beginner's Guide To Voice Over Acting

Some people are blessed with artistic hands, some with artistic minds and there are some like Peter Salzano who create art with their voice. Peter J. Salzano is a successful voice-over artist with 20 years of experience in the industry. He started pursuing a career as a voice-over actor from a very young age and … Read more

Skills Required To Be a Voice Over Artist

Every profession requires a particular skillset and people aspiring to be in any profession should hone required skills. A famous voice-over performer, Peter Salzano has identified major voice-over skill sets and shares it for those who wish to take up voice-over acting as their profession. This blog will help you refine your current skills and … Read more

4 Elements To Get Through Voice Over Audition

Peter J Salzano, a professional voice over artist and playwright says that every beginner has to go through a number of auditions to make a good career in the voice-over industry and if you master the art of getting through the auditions, you are sure to succeed. Every voice-over audition is based on a number … Read more

My Own Voice-Over Demo Session

I have been coaching students toward making their career-launching voice-over demos for over five years now, but the last time I recorded one myself was fifteen years ago, when I officially launched my own VO career. Since recording those initial commercial and narration voice-over demos (and subsequent promo and audiobook voice-over demos) way back when, … Read more

Voice-Over Lingo: Ten Words To Know About The Voice-Over Industry

Whether you’re a newcomer to the voice-over industry or an experienced voice-over professional, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the VO lingo. VO? That’s a common abbreviation for voice-over. Learning common voice-over terms and how they are used will give you a better understanding of the voice-over industry. Let’s get to know some … Read more