How Voice-Over Works: 5 Tips for Aspiring Voice-Over Artists

Voice-over work requires a lot of practice and training to develop a good voice and excellent delivery. However, if you’re willing to put in the work, you may be able to join the ranks of other professional voice-over artists who have forged a career in the voice-over industry. What Is a Voice-Over? Voice-over is a … Read more

8 Myths About Narration Voice Over

The entertainment industry is rife with myths, and voice over is no different. Unfounded rumors and misconceptions can hold you back as an artist, so, let’s shed some light on some of the biggest myths about narration voice over and set the record straight.  1. Narrations Are Boring Narration isn’t boring. But it can be … Read more

Success in Audio Book Narration

6 Techniques to build your audio book narration skills! I love any long-form narration. In my work, mostly in the corporate area, I read a variety of long, information-filled scripts. I always enjoy the challenge of making sometimes rather dry material sound more engaging. Well, that’s what you get the big bucks for. But one … Read more

3 Superb Skills for Audio Book Narration

The rise and rise of audio book sales is quite astonishing, which is why those who have the voice, the intelligence and the skills for audio book narration can now find work in that area. Book narration can be an extremely rewarding experience and there’s no doubt that as consumers, we have a huge appetite … Read more

Lessons in Audio Book Narration

If you’ve ever thought that audio book narration is for you. Or you’re an author whose publisher wants you to narrate your own book, then you’ll probably want to know more about the whole process. The big news is that the growth of audio books and, with it, the search for excellent narrators is growing. … Read more

Casting The Perfect Voice Over Narration Talent

Whether you’re producing an explainer video, an internal corporate video, an eLearning module, or documentary narration – the moment when you’ve finally gotten all the necessary approvals and locked off the script can be a huge relief. Here are 4 things to consider as you prepare to cast the talent for the voice over narration. … Read more

The Difference Between Retail, Character and Narration Voice Over Demos

The Difference Between Retail, Character and Narration Voice Over Demos Are you familiar with the categories of retail, character or narration voice over styles? There is a distinct difference between all three that is not always clear at first. Once you understand each demo category, you’ll know which to select when you’re auditioning talent for … Read more