Use Your Voice: 6 of the Best Movie Voice Overs of All Time

Movie voice overs are as old as “talkies” themselves. While not every film uses a narrator, narration in movies often holds a very special purpose. Sometimes it’s to better adapt novels, while other times it provides outsider information. Wondering about the best movie voice overs of all time? Here are your top six. 1. Fight Club Movie … Read more

Voiceover Spotlight – Movie Voiceovers

Many of the most memorable voiceovers have taken place within the film industry. Regardless if they happened during a movie trailer or in the middle of a real feature film, the ultimate movie voiceovers are the ones that get the crowd standing up and cheering. Other types of voiceovers can take place in short commercial … Read more

How Does Movie Dubbing Work? A Step-by-Step Guide

For all those interested or involved in the movie-making business, from filmmakers to cinephiles, actors and performers, dubbing is an interesting process that can be simply understood and yet requires a lot of considerations. Dubbing is the procedure by which foreign-language films can be translated into the audience´s language. A translated dialogue is added to … Read more