Professional Voice-Over Services Can Make or Break Your Movie

How many times have you seen a movie so awkwardly dubbed you laughed yourself to tears? B-movies that didn’t use professional voice-over services are a perennial treat for the multi-brow cinephile, and the lifeblood of midnight movie programming everywhere. Naturally, you don’t want your film to become one. But did you ever think about why … Read more

Glossary of Voice Over Terms

Let’s face it, this industry is full or jargon. This glossary provides an overview of some of the most common terms, including explanations of voice over acronyms, recording terminology, and definitions of roles in the entertainment industry, to name a few. Note: For broadcasting terms, check out the Glossary of Broadcasting Terms. Glossary of Voice … Read more

Voice Over in Cartoons: How to Get Started in this Amazing Career

As a child, you probably loved watching cartoons. And in your teen years, you may have tried copying the voice of commercials you saw on TV and radio. If these things sound familiar, you may want to consider working as a voice over in cartoons. With the animation industry booming, so does the voice over … Read more

Voice Acting Club: What Are the Benefits of Joining One?

It can be challenging and intimidating to be alone in the world of voice acting. If you want to be a part of an amazing community, joining a voice acting club will help. Although becoming a member of a professional organization is optional for voice actors, it can help advance your career. When you a … Read more

Chinese Dubbing Services: Expanding Your Market Range

China produced 1078 box office movies at the industry’s peak in 2018; that’s over 200 titles more than Hollywood. Most of these movies are only enjoyable to a fraction of Chinese people who can listen to their dialects. However, translation and dubbing are helping expand their range of reach to other nations. It’s time to … Read more