Things you have to know about "Dubbing"

Things you have to know about “Dubbing” You are here: Home Blog, Posts Things you have to know about “Dubbing” What is Dubbing? Dubbing is the most prevalent method used to make foreign-language “programs, Movies, plays” available to a domestic market. Adapting the source language “script text” to the target language “script soundtrack”, the sound … Read more

How to Do Voice Overs on Tiktok

TikTok is a place for storytelling; a place where people push the boundaries of creativity to produce imaginative, compelling content every day. The voiceover feature on TikTok is a useful feature that adds some extra flair to your videos. With Voiceover, brands, users and Creators can add a voiceover track to their videos, so they … Read more

Voice Acting for Fun: 9 Sure-Fire Ways to Have Fun With VO

If you want to have some fun with voice acting, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll look at 9 different ways that you can do voice acting just for the fun of it. Some of these suggestions are just zany, crazy fun for entertainment, others are a great way to develop … Read more

Voiceover Website Tips:How to Build a Business Website

As an aspiring voice over artist, you surely know how difficult it is to find regular work, or any work for that matter. Aside from having a quality demo, we all know the next thing is promoting yourself—whether that be via posting on social media, finding an agent, or hitting every audition possible. Of course, … Read more

The Amazing World of Anime Dubbing

What makes a TV or movie good is the storyline and the characters. While there are amazing TV programs in America, shows from other countries like Japan have grown in popularity. The anime industry makes nearly $20 billion in revenue each year. Anime dubbing is a method producers use to offer English translation to people who want … Read more

Voiceovers and Dubbing Services: What’s the Difference?

Video translation can be a tricky business. Depending on the style of your video, subtitling services, voiceovers and dubbing services can be a great way of opening up your films to international audiences. Whilst subtitling is typically the cheaper option, translating audio directly can be a great way of making your videos more immediately accessible … Read more

How Language Dubbing Services Help In Enhancing Video Outreach?

We can evidence a sharp increase in the trend of business globalization. Different industries today look for ways to spread their content in the overseas market. The same also goes for the entertainment industry and its brands that want to promote their videos globally. For that, a variety of post-production services are essential. Language Dubbing … Read more

Video Dubbing Service – 5 Things Brands Need To Know Before Hiring

Video Dubbing Service has walked a long road from where it began. Today, it is a prominent part of every company’s media localization strategies. Earlier, the service was there only for on-stage plays and musicals. But, dubbing services today work in different fields. It helps in boosting audio-visual content to a large extent. Besides, it … Read more