6 eLearning Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your eLearning Course

Double-digit annual growth rates paired with constant technological innovations – the e-learning market is booming! Regardless of the content type, often eLearning is conveyed by professional voice-actors. The voice of a speaker has an enormous impact on learning success. Like no other medium, it gives content humanity. In this way, a speaker gives the content … Read more

Make the most of your video content with audio transcription

Whether you’re working on a new marketing campaign or creating educational e-learning content, if you’re working with video, it can be all-consuming. Creating compelling video content using an online video editor takes time, consideration and energy, so it can come as a bit of a shock to discover that your carefully crafted content might not … Read more

4 Tips to Ensure Accurate Localized Life Sciences & Medical Voice-Over

Medical and life sciences content localization is complex and technical, requires specialized linguists, and demands rigorous accuracy. Peoples’ well-being and even their lives depend on it. So the localized voice-over in these multimedia suites has to be perfect – despite the content difficulty. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to ensure accuracy. … Read more

3 Essential Tips for Voice-Over Dubbing Animated Content for Kids

Animated content for kids – including feature films, TV shows and web series – has seen a surge in dubbing requests. Digital technology has made animation more streamlined and cost-effective, and online streaming has made distribution much more rapid and far-reaching. So what do multimedia localization providers need to know to localize this content? This post … Read more

Tips for Localizing E-Learning Content

With internet access becoming faster and more accessible, there are more and more students opting to learn online. Also known as distance learning, e-learning is a big business that is growing internationally. If you’re hoping that your e-learning content reaches a global audience, you’ll need to make sure to localize it effectively for each target … Read more

Subtitling vs Dubbing: What’s the Best Choice?

For many TV/film production companies, corporations, and e-Learning developers, a common question is: how would I like my content to be viewed in other countries? Should I subtitle, dub, or do both? Streaming platforms have brought forth a wealth of TV/film content and have increased the demand for localization. So what’s the best option for … Read more

10 E-Learning Terms You Should Know

With many offices and schools still closed due to the pandemic, e-learning has boomed and is becoming the norm for employee training and student learning. We’ve covered e-learning trends before, however in this blog, we will focus on ten e-learning terms you should know in order to better understand these trends and help you create … Read more