Hire a Pro Commercial Voice-Over Artist for Your Next Commercial

Professional Commercial Voice-Over Artist Debbie Grattan offers her thoughts on the advantages of hiring a Pro Commercial Voice-Over Talent versus someone who is newer to the voice-over business. . Being a full-time commercial voice-over artist, I always have my ear tuned to commercials. Whether it’s on tv or radio, I find it amusing how just … Read more

You’ve Got A Problem: Understand Elements Of Commercial Scripts To Voice Them Best

In very general terms, most voice-over commercial scripts contain three main components. These are known as the Problem, the Solution and the Call to Action. In reality, there are a lot more parts that make up those three components. Let’s dig a little deeper into each one.​​ ATTENTION: YOU’VE GOT A PROBLEM The Problem usually starts … Read more

Best commercial voice over tips in 2021

Unlike the other types of voice-over, the commercial one seeking the attention of the audience not only to interact with the track but to get a higher level of attention (buying decision). In this article, we will go deeper into commercial voice-over. Commercial voice over For those of you that are beginners, we just want … Read more

Key Tips for Doing Commercial Voice-overs

What makes a good commercial great? Voice-over! An excellent voice-over brings an added dimension of character to any ad. The voice actor takes on the role of an expert, a teacher, a friend next door, etc…to share the good news about a product or service. Marketing and advertising agencies know: commercial voice-over is the way … Read more

Casting Voice-Over for Commercials

A great voice-over in your commercial can really grab your audience’s attention and get them interested in your product or service. A key step to having a successful commercial is finding the right voice talent through casting. In this blog, we’ll go over what to keep in mind when casting voice talents for your commercial: … Read more