The Amazing World of Anime Dubbing

What makes a TV or movie good is the storyline and the characters. While there are amazing TV programs in America, shows from other countries like Japan have grown in popularity. The anime industry makes nearly $20 billion in revenue each year. Anime dubbing is a method producers use to offer English translation to people who want … Read more

Great Debate: Is It Better To Watch Anime Dubbed or Subbed?

There is an interesting debate among the anime community over whether anime series should be watched dubbed in English or in the original Japanese language with English Subtitles. This discussion has been going for years and it is known as the “age-old question”: Is it better to watch anime series dubbed or subbed? Let’s find out… … Read more

How to become an anime voice over actor?

Anime voice over is a very specialized and niche area in the industry of voice commentary. In this article, we are going to focus on its secrets and give you tips and guidelines to start in this business. Anime voice over Anime movies are not new to the world. The world has known them since … Read more

Anime voice acting basics

 It’s something to remember that it’s not your job to mimic Japanese performance. You can make only the Japanese sense for doing this. Have your audition. Have your talent. REMEMBER you’re actor first Anime, look, it’s weird. Where are fans of anime? We know it’s weird. We have to keep talents. And if you’re getting … Read more

Japanese Animation: A Brief History and Tips for Dubbing Anime

Anime, also known as Japanese animation, is a major cultural export from Japan that has had and continues to have a strong international influence. From Astro Boy in the 1960s to the massively successful animated feature Your Name in 2017, Japanese animation is in great demand around the world, therefore so is anime subtitling and dubbing. … Read more

How to Do Anime Voice?

To do anime voice you will have to exaggerate your sentences, sound happier, raise your voice and embody a character. Anime characters have very distinct voices with a lot of personal flair. Most of the anime personalities would sound way too over the board in real life. Therefore, to do anime voice you have to … Read more