How professional voice over sound like

How professional voice over sound like

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How professional voice over sound like

How professional Arabic voice over sounds

When you make a voice recording in not just recording a voice. You’re at your recording 3 different elements when you make a voice recording. So we’re going to briefly talk about. How the human voice works. But you say recording the performance. You’re recording the speaker, you’re recording how interesting they all, your recording what they’re saying. Without the good performance you don’t good output. The same with music when you’re recording a band. You need to get musicians to record because even if you have a really good sounding high quality recording. If the performance is a bit rubbish. It’s going to sound bad you can’t fix about performance. Unless you say recording the room. When used tock making noise. And capture the microphone close you sick capturing how that sound bounces around the room.

Before we begin the process of creating a professional voice recording we have to first clarify what actually constitutes a professional recording. In order to save time I will tell you directly. The voice recording must be.

  1. Dry so no ambiance effects like echo or reverberation.
  2. Loud and clearly audible in the foreground.
  3. Transparent. Clear and distinct.
  4. Clean, Free of noise and distortion.

Let’s go through the specific points in some more detail in order to better understand them. The dry sound and professional voice recordings are created by eliminating most or all of the rooms Ambience qualities. Such us reverberation all echo.

In bad recording, the recording levels are also much too low and it sounds as if someone set up a microphone in the living room without really knowing what they were doing. Secondly, The loud sound in a professional voice recording is produced by adjusting the signal to its maximum. To be more exact loud sound is created to among other things but adjusting signal to its maximum magnitude without over modulating that can lead to distortion.

The transparent sound in professional voice recordings is first of all produced by the above mentioned loudness followed by the already described dryness. Finally, minor modifications are made to the frequency spectrum. Essentially higher and lower frequencies are somewhat raced but low medium frequencies are reduced slightly.

The clean sound and professional voice recordings is produced firstly through high signal to noise ratio which means the voice signal is much higher than the background unwanted noise. Secondly it is produced by the removal of any remaining noise in the speech breaks. This means that existing noise is drowned out by the useful signal and a such an audible. Furthermore, noise in the speech breaks is completely edited out and replaced by absolute silence.


Voice recording – How to record professional voice over without having a studio

Equipment – You will find out what equipment to purchase and how to use it all. Theoretical elements you need to know in order to create a professional voice recording. Your time is precious so we will focus only on the necessities which would be thrilled.

You will learn how to prepare your equipment for the recording. Recording, You will create your first professional recording. Post production, The recording alone is not enough you still have to edit your voice. Rendering and formats, A final step lets you generate your final audio files in different formats such as MP3 all high resolution wav files for you a cinematic all video sounds.

It is presented in a practical and relevant manner using recording equipment. But cost just a few 100 dollars. You won’t need a voice booms. Special recording studio Or a sound engineer. Is that sound recording quality distracting from your valuable content. This is your opportunity to improve. The only prerequisite is to follow all the instructions.

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January 12, 2017

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