How does Right Voice-overs Make your ads more communicative and memorable?

If you are into creating ads, or branding & communications, you know how much it takes to ideate an ad, create the visuals, write the best content, etc. A lot of collaborative time and effort is put into the actualization of an idea. It gets daunting sometimes and sometimes it’s fun. But one of the most important aspects is finalizing the voice that is going to narrate the story and represent the brand in the ad or a commercial. Because we all know, psychologically “how you said it” is more important than “what you said”. Therefore, the voice-over you choose for your brand matters a lot.

Professional voice-over services are now being widely used in media, entertainment, and marketing spheres to improve and increase the hits and impacts of ads in every format. Voice-overs or jingles associated with an ad produce a better brand recall, a psychological study shows that. Well, that’s quite true, try remembering a childhood ad visual, it will be bits and pieces but if it had one, the catchy Voice-over jingle would clearly start playing in your mind. That’s how efficient and communicative voice-overs make an ad. But how exactly do voice-overs impact the ads? Well, it depends on the quality of your voice-over actors. Like said earlier, it’s all about how you say it, so the qualities and efforts your voice professional puts in, decide the outcome. So, get one thing straight you need professionals to handle this, why? Because

Professionals bring in the quality by –

  • Keeping it conversational, as if directly talking to the audience
  • Using proper accents to make it sound more familiar & native

Experience and Expertise make it more resonating by –

  • Right pacing & taking pauses as and when needed
  • Exact emphasis on correct points, no more no less
  • Tone sets the mood, so keep it soft, communicative, friendly, and engaging

Useful with Branding & Technical aspects by –

  • Cut through the noise
  • Making connections with the audience
  • Access to better recording setups
  • Quality recordings and Edits & Enhancements

Employing these advantages, the professional advertisement voice-over artists build a relation between the brand and the audience. An ad in the right voice with all these qualities will be more efficient in persuading the audience for a connection, reliance, and loyalty towards the brand.

Well, now you know why you need professionals, let’s see how the voice-overs make an impact on the effectiveness of your ads –

Adds to Credibility – Some recent studies have concluded that ads with nice voice-overs seem to have been gaining a little bit but consistent edge. With a trustworthy voice, expressing your calls to action directly to the customers encourages them to follow it more than showing it.

Better Brand Awareness & Recall –Adding a brand voice means humanizing your brand. The impact of this brand voice is so powerful that it has compelled various online giants like YouTube, Facebook, etc., to launch audio-only ads. These audio ads target users based on user behavior. Also, there has been an upsurge of about 75% in brand awareness by introducing audio ads. The ads with catchy voice-overs make people remember the brands even after years.

Catching Attention –Audiences get distracted when an ad plays, and it first few seconds where catch their attention. Voice-overs have the ability to grab the audience’s attention and take it back to the screen. Using words such as ‘now’, or ‘today’, or ‘soon’, in the voice-overs, intrigues the audience about the products or services and the brand itself, and gets the audience more engaged with the ads.

Maximizes the use of Screen –Since the screen is limited space and constant switching between seeing and reading asks the audience for more attention than they want to give and therefore causes loss of interest. On the other hand, voice-overs communicate all your ideas to customers without them noticing or putting an extra ounce of effort.

Brand Humanization –Brand humanization is just not limited to giving a voice-over actor to your brand. It is about representing your brand as an alive entity. Voice-overs help in brand humanization by depicting the brand as a living & breathing person. It helps brands to effectively convey the message that they feel and care about their customers. Hence, brings in an added layer of reliability to the brand.

These are some major pointers where the use of voice-overs has made the ads more communicative, effective, and has increased their efficiency. The inclusion of voice-overs is very crucial when the ads are dialogue-based or have a conversation between people. It helps the audience to identify the dialogue of each and every individual or the characters involved in the ads. Thus, when voice-overs are added to an ad it makes a long-lasting impression on the audience.

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