Do you have fear with microphone

Do you have fear with microphone

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This article is about this thing the microphone and the fear it instills in newcomers to the industry. The microphone whichever type you use is a tool. It’s a way to convert your vocal energy and performance in to a digital form which can be edited in production. You microphone is your business partner. It is your connection to the audience. Let’s face it if you put a microphone in someone’s face he OR she usually tends to shy away from it.

As a voice over artist it is important that you become comfortable behind the microphone and know how to get the most out of it.

So the first thing to be aware of is your distance from the microphone. The position of the Mic relative to your mouth helps with the clarity of the voice over recording. So a rule of thumb is to keep your mouth  sort of either the with a hand span away from the microphone. That’s it generally a good position to be in. But like any rule it is made to be broken you can go closer to the Mic but know that you’ll have to lower the volume of your voice as you do so.

Treat the microphone as if it is the ear of your listener. So you can definitely go close and even whisper and be heard. What happens when we go really close to the Mic is called the proximity effect. The proximity effect is a richness effect that is created when you stand really close to the Mic it brings out the warm at bats. Full round it sound of your voice. So this is a really good technique to use if any sort of a warm of voice.

So something to be aware of when you stand really close to the microphone is popping. Popping is the sounds that occurs when a rush of a leaves your mouth and flows over the microphone and distorts it. This usually happens on the plosives on the piece, bees and tease. Now the way to deal with popping is to get yourself a pop shield it helps in eliminating popping but the best thing is to learn the technique of speaking slightly off Mic on those plosives.

Turn your head slightly up away from the microphone microphone when you say the peace peace and tease. And also try and teach yourself to lessen the amount of air that you expel when you say those plosives. There are some great exercise to help you to do just that. Right so. Play around with your distance from the microphone don’t be afraid of the Mic. It’s a tool to convert your vocal delivery into the best rendition of the client’s message.

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January 12, 2017

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