Celebrity voice-overs VS Professional voice-overs

A celebrity voice-over is not a new thing to happen, be it – animated movies, video games, commercials ads, etc. Brands and movie houses have always been using celebrities every now and then for voice-over works in their films and ads. Well, using celebrities for voice-overs can be tricky as, if the celebrity is quite known for his/her voice it’s great but if the celebrity’s voice is not as popular as him/her then it would leave the audience wondering and distract them from the message. While using celebrity voice-overs has its pros and cons, professional voice-overs, however, keeps the audience’s attention intact to the core message of the ad.

Both (pro and celeb) voice-overs are frequent nowadays. So, if you are in the dilemma of whether to go for a celeb voice or hire a professional voice artist, Voyzapp – the largest voice marketplace in the country has put in efforts to ease up your worries. In the years of facilitating various brands and other production houses with voice-overs across the nation, Voyzapp has up-close experience with both types of voice-overs. So, without further ado let’s delve into it and sort out this cleft stick for once and all.

Familiarity and the Risk: There are ads everywhere and numbers will keep on growing. Amid this noisy environment, an ad with a familiar celebrity voice can literally grab the audiences’ attention by the collar. The popularity of the celebrity and the voice can come in handy in attracting more people to the ad. Having said that it is also a very tricky spot. Once people start associating your brand with the celebrity anything they do, even in their personal lives, will impact your brand image and your credibility. And on top of that hiring well-known celebs to do voice-overs comes with a price tag adding up to your production cost.

On the other hand,professional advertisement voice-over artists are not very well-known for their faces. It’s the talent that has the identity among the people. Even when it comes to the cost-effectivity of the voice-overs, professional voice artists have comparatively lower rates and are deemed more believable and relatable. So, maybe a professional voice artist might not come with a huge fan following or recognition, but his/her actions in life do not hamper the image of your brand.

Voice-acting technicalities and Effectiveness:Hiring silver-screen actors to do the voice-overs has another advantage that actors do not have to work much to grasp the idea and emotion of the script. The years spent in front of the camera and the experience of dubbing films prove to be a lot more than just helpful. It makes the actor clearly understand deliver the sentiments like passion, aggression, cheerfulness, etc., genuinely and convincingly. In case you want to sell your products/services into another country or state, using the local or familiar face and voice to endorse your brand could help you excite people about the product/service and penetrate the new market. But contrary to aforesaid facts, celeb voice-overs can hamper the effectiveness of the message that a brand wants its audience to focus on. The attention of the audience can solely be taken by the presence of their favorite celeb and the brand message can get lost somewhere in between. Also, irrespective of popularity, if the social or public image of the celeb does not do with that of the brand, then instead of connecting the audience it drives them away.

However, professional voice-over artists have spent years honing their skills and mastering the craft. They, for sure, provide more variety and technical superiority over their silver-screen counterparts. Also, since actors have to practice putting words for every emotion, voice artists have been doing it for their living. And in the case of entering into a new market people tend to connect with a voice that sounds like the guy next door or the mom who does it all than any celebrity. In addition to that professional voice, artists keep the audiences focused on the central message of the ad serving as an aid to increase the impact and effectiveness of the brand message.

Well, all things said and done, the most important thing that is needed to be understood here is how you want your ad to interact with the audience. A poorly written script can not be saved by inducing a celebrity or pro-voice artist. Therefore, it’s cheaper and easier to create a good script for the ad. When it comes down to encapsulating your business with a voice, it is always advisable to understand your brand persona and the suitability of the voice.

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