Looking for voice actors? Some tips to find the perfect voice

Are you looking for voice actors? Choosing the right voice talent is as important as the visuals used in the video. A voiceover is that voice that will identify with your brand and therefore will represent it. The voice artist will be the emotional connection between you and your customers. This is the reason why you … Read more

Elearning Localization Service: Making Content Native for Your Learners

Would a French learner be able to understand Japanese eLearning content? Well, the answer would be no! So, how to tackle such a sophisticated situation?  The very simple answer is localizing the eLearning content! Yes, you heard it right! Your organization can connect with any language learner with just one secret passage called ‘eLearning localization. … Read more

10 Voiceover Script Writing Tips for Effective Narration

A successful voiceover project depends not only on voice quality but also on content. After all, communicating an idea is at the heart of voice acting. If you are new to writing for voiceovers, don’t fret. The following ten voiceover script writing tips can help you produce persuasive audio material for a variety of projects. … Read more

Voice Overs for Commercials: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to ad campaigns, voice-overs for commercials is an important part as it helps you to attract the attention of your target audience by projecting the right tone and emotions while delivering the advertising message. A professional voice over artist brings years of experience to the table and can ensure that the voice … Read more

How to Cast the Right Foreign-Language Voice-over Talent for a Project

Casting for foreign-language voice-over projects can be very tricky – especially when picking the talents for languages in which one is not a native speaker. For starters, it’s impossible to pick a native from a non-native speaker, unless you’re a native speaker of that language as well. However, this is a position that multimedia translation … Read more

Choosing the Best On Hold Music

Your choice of on hold music for your company is an essential part of your brand and marketing strategy. Potential customers might be placed on hold and this might be their first contact with your business, and first impressions do matter. So it makes sense that you make every effort to select the best music … Read more

How to Get the Perfect e-learning Voice-over

What to consider Every E-learning course, regardless of topic or audience, all have one thing in common- they need to share valuable information that educates. Managing the production of an e-learning course or module can seem complicated and requires close attention to a certain set of requirements. Once you’ve made sure to avoid pitfalls in … Read more

Voiceover needed? Here are your options

So, you’re needing a voiceover? You’re in luck – like most things in life, you have a choice when it comes to sourcing a voiceover. You can: Do-it-yourself Engage with an online voiceover platform service Independently outsource a freelance voiceover actor It can be confusing and overwhelming when you first type in “voiceover needed” into … Read more

Five Tips for Selecting Voice-Over Talent

When selecting a voice-over talent, your first instinct might be to go with the most experienced ones. This is a good call since it reduces the chances of getting a bad voice-over, but a voice talent’s experience is not the only factor to consider. Selecting voice-over talent is about finding a voice that fits the … Read more