Voice Over Studio: Do I Hire A Studio Or Set Up One?

With a professional voice over studio, you are capable of producing excellent voice-over projects for all given assignments. It happens because the studio acts as the all-inclusive production hub where quality preparation takes place. If a studio has the right tools and personnel, the quality of audio clips produced will be captivating to hear. Such … Read more

Home Dubbing Studio: Everything You Should Know

If you’re considering selling your voice for a living, you should invest in a home dubbing studio. Setting aside an ADR recording studio tends to boost your dedication as a freelancer. It also helps you to focus on growing your skills as a dubbing artist. Assembling all the tools you need to dub scripts upfront … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Dubbing Editor

If you’re a brand owner or a content creator and you want your videos to stand out, you must be well-versed in a type of dubbing editor. Now more than ever, dubbing has become an integral part of post-production because 78 percent of people watch videos online each week. Dubbing is a method of recording … Read more