English Voices: Lingua Franca in Voice Acting

A lot of the media we consume worldwide is in English. That should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, but here we are, stating the obvious. What’s not so immediately obvious is that English voices form a such a substantial amount of our sonic sphere that we tend to take them for granted. The … Read more

How to choose awesome accents for your VO projects!

Accents are something marketers overlook surprisingly frequently, yet it can impact the effectiveness of your VO projects quite heavily. The choice of accent really does matter. Why? Because you want your audience to connect with your story, feel intrigued by the novelty of your characters, or take your message seriously. They certainly will if they … Read more

Learning Accents: How to Level Up Your Voice Acting Game

Ever walked out of the cinema and find yourself speaking in the same accent as the main character? Accents can be fun and catchy (even contagious!); and if you’re a voice actor, you’ll know that the ability to do different accents can improve your value and opportunities. However, while doing a posh British accent might … Read more

British Accents in Voice Acting

If you’ve found your way to this article, you probably have decided that you’d like to hire some voice actors with British accents to work on your project. But, how can you be sure you’re picking the right actors for the job? As a content producer looking to finalize your product before distributing it to … Read more