8 Top Tips for Narrating Poetry

Valentine’s Day is upon us. As we move into the month of love, it makes sense to explore media that pulls the heartstrings: Poetry. Whether you are excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a significant other or looking forward to closing yourself in for the night and eating chocolate alone. We will give you the … Read more

The Shopping List: Essential Home Recording Studio Equipment for Any Budget.

So, you need a home studio – but where do you start? Previously We had answered some of your questions on which home recording studio equipment is the best, but today we are bringing you a one-stop-shop in creating your home studio from scratch. We’ll let you know exactly what home recording studio equipment you’ll … Read more

What Every Home Studio Needs

Voice-over from the comfort of your own house has become the norm. However, what every home studio needs is to feel like a home-away-from-home inside your home. Home-ception… Whether during the COVID-19 pandemic or before, the voice-over industry has been shifting to working from the comforts of one’s own domain. Producing a makeshift voice-over studio … Read more

The 10 Most Legendary Disney Voice Actors

These aren’t just great voice-over performances; these are voice-over LEGENDS. What makes a legend? Officially, Disney has a list of legends who are inducted at the D23 Expo each year; however, we ignore what’s official in this one to instead focus on who is generally considered a legendary Disney voice actor. Jim Cummings “Oh no. … Read more

How to become a voice actor?

How do you become a voice actor? When I was a voice actor starting out, all I have ever done was watching professional voice actors putting work in the studio. I would sit down with the director and just watch them. Thus, I had a chance to observe many great voice actors in the early … Read more

6 eLearning Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your eLearning Course

Double-digit annual growth rates paired with constant technological innovations – the e-learning market is booming! Regardless of the content type, often eLearning is conveyed by professional voice-actors. The voice of a speaker has an enormous impact on learning success. Like no other medium, it gives content humanity. In this way, a speaker gives the content … Read more

Your On-Hold Recordings Determine How Customers Treat Your Business

message on holdBeing on hold is never fun. It’s often necessary, as businesses need time to find answers to questions and otherwise help customers. Determining how best to leave your customers on hold, however, can mean the difference between customers kept and lost. Using a “message on hold” can improve customer responses and ultimately keep customers from hanging up and going elsewhere.

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