Hire a Pro Commercial Voice-Over Artist for Your Next Commercial

Professional Commercial Voice-Over Artist Debbie Grattan offers her thoughts on the advantages of hiring a Pro Commercial Voice-Over Talent versus someone who is newer to the voice-over business. . Being a full-time commercial voice-over artist, I always have my ear tuned to commercials. Whether it’s on tv or radio, I find it amusing how just … Read more

Why Hire Female Voice Actor Over Male Voice Actor

Female Voice Actor Debbie Grattan covers some of the pros and cons to consider when hiring a male and female voice actor for a voiceover project.. – I read recently that there are over 3.3 million commercials playing each day just on the radio alone! That number is staggering, but it’s good news for me, … Read more

Practical Home Studio Advice for Voice Over Talent

Part 2 of an Interview with David Louis of Audio Images Kauai In the second installment of this series, Voice Over Talent Debbie Grattan and Dave Louis of Audio Images Kauai discuss the practicalities and working relationship between producer and voice over talent. Dave Louis and Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush are all smiles after … Read more

Distinguish Yourself as a Voiceover Artist with Voiceover Demos

Part 1 of an Interview with Marketing Executive, Scott Tingwald of Villing & Company, Inc. Female voiceover artist Debbie Grattan and marketing executive Scott Tingwald of Villing & Company, Inc. sit down to talk about the criteria he uses when hiring voice talent. As a vice president with Villing & Company, Inc., a marketing communications … Read more

Voice-over Services for Medical Commercials

Caring for the mind and body is an important part of our everyday lives—for ourselves and our families. Which is why I’m very proud of the voice-over services work I’ve been providing for the health and medical industries. In my career as a professional voice-over artist, healthcare and medicine are among my busiest industries, I … Read more

Taking the Sting Out of Voice Over Auditions

You never know what a client may want from voice over auditions. This job came from an audition on a P2P site. It was listed as a VO for a “Bee” character, that was going to be in a recurring campaign for the Visitor’s Bureau in Butler County, Ohio. I love bees! In fact, my … Read more